My approach is extremely effective. This is because I treat back problems holistically, i.e. Physically / Nutritionally / Mentally.

The root cause of your problem will be identified, to detect if it is:
A) A Physical Structural problem
B) A Nutritional deficiency
C) An Emotional / Mental issue
D) Or a combination of any of the above

Next, I'll identify which specific treatment is best for your individual needs.


Muscle Tension Release Techniques
Pain Relief Pressure Points
Physical Manipulations & Adjustments of the Spine
Nutritional Supplements
Acupressure Points
Flower Remedies
Stress Relief Techniques
Pelvic Twist Correction
Lower Back Fixation Release
Abdominal Strengthening
Pelvic Twist Correction
Lower Back Fixation Release
Injury Recall Technique


Belinda treated me with an amazing technique for my severe lower back problem. I am truly grateful. R. Lawrence

My back used to give out every few months. I'd have to stay in bed for days. Belinda did gentle manipulations on my spine, gave me a herbal remedy to take, (no side effects), & helped me to let go of an emotional issue. My back has not even had the slightest twinge since then. K. Lightbody

It's reassuring to know that there are practitioners like Belinda Levy. I highly recommend her to anyone with back pain. :) K. Shaw

I'm a retired man. Ms Levy unknotted my long term tightness in my mid & lower back. It's given me a new lease of life. I can't thank her enough. J. Turnhill

After 9yrs of trying various medication from the doctors, visiting chiropractors, physiotherapy, osteopathy, - actually, you name it, I'd tried it all for my chronic back pain. Nothing helped in the long term. Finally I found this wonderful practitioner, Belinda Levy. I have now been pain free since 2003. B. Poole

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