​N.L.P in York & Leeds.


Successful results since 2000.


WEIGHT Fantastic way to loose weight! S. Hall. Accountant. Bradford

INSOMNIA My sleeping patterns quickly returned to normal. J. Cullen. Taxi driver. Leeds.

PUBLIC SPEAKING I have become so confident at public speaking, that I actually enjoy it now! H. Cartwright. York.

ANXIETY & DEPRESSION I'm totally cured. R.K. Retired Lecturer. Hull.

Panic attacks are horrible. When you're not having one, you worry about when the next one might be. It's such a wonderful relief to be well. E.B. Chef. York.

FEAR & PHOBIAS If you have a fear of flying, go see Belinda. She'll help you big time. S. Wilbur. Student, Selby.

CONFIDENCE The improvement was dramatic. I've become such a confident, strong person. M. Barker. Sales Rep. York.

FAILURE I was a failure at university. This was still influencing my life 10yrs on. Belinda sorted this out for me. My self esteem has really improved. My life is going from strength to strength... of one successful venture to the next. J. Harjani. Shop owner. Leeds.

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