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I'm very astute at being able to find the root cause of my client's issues. I tailor-make N.L.P sessions to suit the precise need of the individual. Consequently, you will find that your session is extremely effective, helping towards a speedy outcome.


*FEARS e.g. Fear of Flying
*UNWANTED HABITS & much more.....

What is N.L.P / Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Every time that you learn something, e.g. learn to ride a bike, a pathway is formed in the brain. If you repeat it often enough, the pathway is established. This means that you can do that particular thing without having to think about it too much. Some pathways are useful e.g. how to ride the bike. But some pathways that are established are not very good for us. E.g. responding to certain situations with an anxiety or worry. 

As an N.L.P practitioner, I will talk you through techniques that will help you to get rid of ways of thinking & behaving which are not useful to you & replace them with beneficial ways of thinking & being. These techniques are repeated, until a new, beneficial & appropriate network pathway is established in the brain. E.g. no longer feeling stressed by certain situations, but feeling at ease instead.

N.L.P works wonders in a very short space of time. It helps to change how & what you think/do & how your mind/body reacts to different life circumstances into more appropriate behavior patterns. It is a therapy designed to help 'reprogram' your thought/behavior patterns to suit your desired outcome.


There are pressure points on the head, which when touched lightly with the finger tips, help to release stress / worry & override any doubt / disbelief re your ability to attain your goal. I use these pressure points to enhance the work that I do. This means that I am able to help you to achieve the results that you desire much more quickly than many other therapists. You will arrive at your goal with amazing ease.

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