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I help people to understand the deeper principles of the Law of Attraction, so it to works properly. Scroll down to: DEEPER PRINCIPLES OF LAW OF ATTRACTION.


Law of Attraction in York & Leeds.

LAW OF ATTRACTION / LOA & examples of what it helps with:

Career, Money, Romantic/Platonic Relationships, Happiness, Physical/Mental Health, Spirituality, Success, Confidence, Creativity, Social Life, Home Life, Life Purpose, Worry Free Life & more...

Definition of Law of Attraction / LOA :
Simply put, you attract into your life whatever you focus on the most - whether it's something you want or something you don't want. 

LOA: every positive or negative event that happened to you, was attracted by you. E.g. You worried about your boyfriend cheating on you. Then he did. Your focus on that, attracted that & made it part of your reality. 

Someone is kind to you. You attracted that too; because at some deep level you believed that they should be kind to you. We use LOA every single second of the day, even if we don't realize it.

Basics for Beginners. Positive Feelings help to make it work: If you consciously want one thing, but unconsciously feel the opposite - you can't manifest your desire. E.g. You focus on manifesting money - but subconsciously feel poor. Then you create conflict & the Universe can't bring the money to you.

I'll help you to overcome conflicts... so that your conscious & subconscious thoughts & feelings are in harmony & vibrate at the same frequency as your desire/want. This helps you to get what you want.

For the more Advanced: I've had so many clients say that they believe in the LOA, read the 'Secret' etc., but they can't understand why it's not working for them. I can assure you, very few people understand the deeper workings of the Law of Attraction.
We'll unravel your unconscious negativity. Thus enabling your thoughts & feelings to come into alignment & harmony with your wants & desires.

The more positive & strong the emotion that you hold - the more easily you are able to attract your goal. Likewise, the more negative emotions you have (consciously or subconsciously), the lower the frequency of your vibration & the further away you remain from your goal. By using a variety of techniques, I'll help you to vibrate at a positive, strong frequency, that matches your wants & desires.


Having trouble making LOA work for you?

It helps to be in tune with your Spiritual desires. (I'm not referring to religion) Sometimes there is an enormous difference between your ego/head based desires & your heart/higher self/soul pure desires. When these don't match up, you can end up with unforeseen problems, complications, frustrations & suffering.

I'll help you to become more intuitive & be divinely guided - so that you can be in tune with what your higher self wants for you. When you follow what your soul wants, you get to have more fun & live a more charmed life!

Some people think that if they follow what their soul wants, their life will be boring & restricted. This is far from the truth. Often when we follow our ego's desires & get what we want, as time passes, we're not necessarily happy with the outcome. Things get 'messed up' in our lives. E.g. the relationship goes sour, the job is not as fun as we'd expected etc.

But when we follow the path of our higher self, our lives get easier, freer, lovelier, more joyful & abundant. After all, your higher self wants you to be happy. So when you learn to let your soul attract what is best for you. into your life - you won't have a hard time or make mistakes. Your heart will sing!

I 'll help you, to make the Law of Attraction work for you: 

I'm highly intuitive & knowledgeable LOA Teacher. I've been successfully helping people to improve their lives since 2000.

These are some of the ways that I help: 

LOA Meditation, LOVE, Develop Intuition, Higher Self Guidance, Emotional Freedom Technique, Dissolve past emotional issues/hurts, Dissolve Negativity,NLP, Acupressure, Healing, Flower Remedies,  Angels, Positive &Correct Thinking, Guided Relaxation, Self Awareness,  Self Confidence, Affirmations, Universal Trust, Stress Release, Perfect Visualizations, Vision Boards.

Discover how you are preventing good things from happening in your life & how you can transform any area of your life.

I will help you to understand the deeper principles of LOA & how to apply them successfully.

LOA & Health:

If you have health issues, I am also a complementary health practitioner. Do have a look at the rest of the website or ask me if I can help you.Type text here


Get a Life! : I highly recommend Belinda Levy as a LOA teacher. My life has taken off socially, spiritually & financially. C.D.

Confidence/Career/Money: Belinda got me to understand why the LOA wasn't working for me. It was my lack of confidence. She boosted my self esteem & showed me how to attract into my life, a well paid job that I love. J.P.

Relationships: My boyfriends never cared about me enough. Belinda helped me to see that the same judgements & insecurities that I was struggling with, were finding their way into my relationships. She helped me to heal my past re uncaring parents & to love myself. I was then in a better place in my heart & mind to use the LOA to attract my soul mate. FAB U LOUS! V.A.

Chronic Fatigue. Health & Positive Thinking: The LOA guidance + healing was so powerful, it cured my chronic fatigue. I hadn't realized how much my negativity was affecting my health. G.D.

Spiritual Growth & Personal Development: From going to see Belinda, I feel much more at peace with myself, more in tune with my Higher Self & life flows much more easily. P.L.

Becoming Happy: Now that I understand how easy it is to be happy most of the time - I find that my personal life flows easily & effortlessly. T.P.

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