Successful results since 2000.

Powerful techniques & therapies to make sure that my clients become peaceful & tranquil:

N.L.P in York. This talking therapy gets rid of unwanted thoughts & feelings. The mind is then free to tune into thoughts & feelings that are peaceful, calm & happy.

MAGNIFICENT HEALING in York. The healing removes worries, unhappiness, depression, moodiness, anxiety etc. You will feel calm, peaceful, clear minded & tranquil.

MEDITATION in York. If it is appropriate, you will be taught a simple meditation that will help you to become calm, sleep well, be relaxed in your daily activities etc.

DEVELOP your INTUITION in York. You will be taught how to access clear guidance from Universal Love. This will help you to make the right decisions in your life - so that your life flows smoothly and peacefully with a sense of joy.

You'll learn how to attract into your life things, people & a way of living that makes you feel delighted to be alive. E.g. if someone's job, relationships, confidence, life purpose, health etc is going well - then they will naturally feel more peaceful. You will learn how to transform your life so that you lead the life you love.

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